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Amazing facts about playing playing cards

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52 cards

cards Being a master in a card games you should probably know all the story behind, but if you relate to the rest of the amateur gamblers it will also be definitely interested to know when we’re playing cards invented, and why we use them the way they are.

52 cards in a deck

From the very beginning the variations differed from 24 to 48 and in between. It is supposed that exactly a French deck with 52 cards was spread around the world due to English and French colonialism. But taking into consideration symbolism, there are some coincidences like 52 weeks in a year, and adding up all the symbol in a full deck of cards gives 365 or amount of days in a years.

The origin

Chinese is considered to be the inventor of the first form of currency for gambling games, -the deck of cards. Story suggests that it was a domino deck with 32 cards and 21 combinations of a pair of dice. They were printed on wood, paper and bone and spread to most developed countries that time.

Casino card games in Las Vegas end up throwing decks away

True but also they can be sold afterwards. And it happens not less than every 12 hours. Or even every hour during heavy plays. It is done to prevent cards from being marked, cloned etc.

The rarest deck of cards

cardsCard-collecting hobby is not on an on-demand as the others. But still most expensive playing cards are also considered to be the rarest  tarot deck of 52 Netherlands cards from the middle of 15th century. In 1970’s it was sold for $2800 to a collector but now this deck resides in New York’s Metropolitan Museum of Art.

Only four suits in a deck

Different cultures tried to present their own variations of suits and no one can tell exactly the origin of the number. Many scholars agree on a subject of money-suited cards that started in Chinese in 15th century. Every suit represents a different amount of money.

Nevertheless, the French version itself with diamonds, hearts, spades, and clubs is widely used by most of people.

Best playing card brands

All well-known brands belong to the US world biggest manufacturer Playing Card Company. All the famous casinos use the deck of cards by Aviator, Bee, Bicycle, Tally-Ho etc.

But still the most prominent card decks used by masters over the world belong to Bicycle who started to produce cards in 1885.

During WWII Bicycle cards were used by American POWs. Only they knew how many cards are there in a deck and how to put them together to create a map, able the help with escape.

Shuffle techniques?

To shuffle a deck properly means to never have the same order.

The most popular shuffle techniques are:

  • overhand (traditional);
  • riffle (used in casinos. Splitting card into 2, the next is held in each hand to one another holding thumb inward. After that cards must be released so to interweave with one another);
  • Hindu shuffles or Asian style ( when holding deck in a hand, quickly draw random packets into the palm of the other hand).

Are plastic cards considered to be cool playing cards? Why casinos prefer them?

It is all about practicality. They last longer and make it more difficult to place and distinguish marks.

What other tricks and measures are used by casinos?

Introducing the new deck a pit boss and a dealer inspect them thoroughly so to find imperfections and any signs that could be used for cheating. The first shuffle is entrusted only to a machine.

Moreover, security cameras can distinguish easily between all and specific cards, just because casino decks have bigger symbols and characters.

All of that eliminates chances to make clones or marks.