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Craps: History, Table, Biggest Winning

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Craps Craps belongs to dice game. No special skills are required to play it but a pure luck. To try you best is not necessary to go to land based casino, nowadays every virtual one can offer a player to make wagers. And among the other casino games it is supposed to be one of the most favorite for freshers, who only starts to show his/her passion for gambling.

So if you are interested, the following facts about craps game may give you some more facts that can make you brave enough to try this old popular casino game.

The history is traced from medieval times

To understand better what is craps, let’s talk about its history. The oldest records about the origin was found with the other artifacts belonging to Crusades. And that times craps was called Hazard. To America with all the evolutionary changes this game was brought by immigrants from Britain and France.

But craps meaning previously referred to a French word ‘craupaud’ which is translated as toad. The reference is supposed to be taken from the way of squatting down and shooting dice just outside on the streets. And only in the 20th century a dice maker John H. Winn invented a modern prototype for the craps table as we see it today. He is also the one to create todays betting styles and to bring the actual popularity of the game.

How to manage a crap table?

CrapsCraps tables are always put in the center at the casino halls, because people like to buzz around them not only to take part but also to enjoy the show. And casinos in comparison with other games put more dealers to manage tables while people playing this dice game. This is the reason casinos don’t put a lot of craps tables in the halls.

While playing you can observe the interaction between 4 casino workers. A box person, who is to take the note of the outcome, and to watch the chips the players pass around. There are also two dealers ahead of placing bets and pushing chips to and fro. And finally the stickman, who gives dices to people playing craps. He also manages the proposition bets which are being placed at the center of the table.

The longest craps dice roll that has been ever played

The longest games played with dices lasted over four hours. A grandmother from New Jersey established a world record. In 2009 Patricia Demauro achieved 154 consecutive times at the playing table of craps game.

After playing for 4 hours and 18 minutes the lady finally bowed out and admitted that she didn’t even know how to play. By the way it was her second session playing the craps.

Scary number seven

Superstitions are always playing tricks with people in real life as well as in casinos. In craps are the most believed superstitions are:

  • throwing a penny under the craps table;
  • lady’s blowing in the dice (also popular in other life situations. Made for good luck);
  • omitting number 7.

And the number seven is the most common and feared among all of them, just because people even do not prefer to call number seven by mane. So you can hear ‘it’ or ‘the devil’ instead of seven on the roll.

Biggest winning

Craps also has its own lucky stars. And the most

known of them is Archie Karas who in mid-1990s turned his $17 000 fortune into $40 million. It took him several months to become known as The Run driving to Las Vegas with $50 in a pocket.