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What determines the probability of winning on pokies

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winning on pokiesThe very first pokies were quite simple: several rotating reels (usually three), a pair of gears, and, directly, the drive lever itself. The people called them”one-armed bandits”. The odds of winning at that time were about fifty percent.

The casinos also worked much easier: the administrators themselves manually collected the jackpot cashier. It happened as follows: in a day, for example, $ 100 was accumulated inside the machine, the administrator opens the cashier, takes out all the coins, maybe not even all of them, and gives them to the winner. It suited everyone – both casinos and gamblers.

Such imperfect pokies turned out to be easy to deceive. It was enough to make a certain effort, or to use a magnet that acted on the internal mechanisms. Of course, such fraudulent actions caused a lot of trouble for the owners of such establishments, and they began to promote other types of gambling entertainment: roulettes, cards and lotteries.

After a while, imperfect mechanized machines were replaced by computers capable of generating random numbers, which made it possible to win much faster. The scheme is simple: a numerical series of free numbers is set, which the computer generates, according to the theory of probability.

At first glance, such a system may seem quite reassuring, because the opportunity to become a winner can come in fifty percent of cases. In fact, with the advent of computers, the number and size of winnings became possible to control. This made it possible to significantly reduce the number of fraudsters, because computers have a number of settings and the casino has much more control over it. Pokies regained their former popularity among gamblers, as they became much easier to operate and now took much less money and effort to maintain. And for casino owners this was a big plus.

I would like to note one remarkable fact: in all civilized countries, it is the states that regulate the percentage of average payouts for winnings. If we take, for example, the well-known gambling city of Las Vegas, then the winning percentage there is only 2%. Thus, for every $ 100, the winnings can be only $. At the best online casinos, fortunately, you can always get your winnings in full. For example, we advise you to read the reviews at, where everything is specified in great detail. 

As for online casinos, the picture there is even sadder, despite the fact that the winning percentage should be about the same as in Las Vegas. 

There are many individuals and even organizations involved in online casino fraud. By fraudulent means, they withdraw funds from the punters’ personal accounts. Thus, if you are a gambler and occasionally like to spin roulette, then you need to choose only trusted sites. How to find exactly those you can read here – The most reliable online casinos are considered to be under the supervision of state authorized bodies, they are licensed to carry out their activities and fully comply with all regulations. This greatly reduces the risk of being deceived by unscrupulous scammers and wasting your money.